Sunday, July 29, 2012

KB Update

Wearing our hard hats to bring you these important messages...
HaNg WiTh Us! 
We continue to undergo exciting changes! . . . 
Please check back frequently!! 

SiMpLiFyInG is GOOD...
Now it's even easier to follow your KBound friends! 
Starting today, both AND will bring you directly here to our 
simple, meaningful, and funsical KBound blog... Yay! 

ExCiTiNg NeWs: 
We are getting ready for our debut on this week....WaHOOoooo!!!
You can bet that we'll keep you posted!

NeXt PoSt: 
Meet the teachers behind KBound 
(the real ones behind those KBound Land characters
 that keep showing up :) :) 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Why KBound?

Sharing years and years (and years!) of simple, meaningful, and funsical ideas and activities is easy.  Teachers live to share!  Sharing, however, beyond OUR immediate and safe circle is what has brought the two of us together in this united adventure we call KBound.

KBound began in the shower (well, the name was "discovered" in the shower... Isn't that where everyone has their best ideas?), while washing the day away and thinking about the responsibilities of being an early childhood expert.  We live fearlessly (and tirelessly, selflessly, and somewhat crazily!) on the front line of daily classroom teaching and learning.  From preschool, young learners are sent to us; Kindergarten-bound (hence the name :) are they, literally headed for our door... ready or not.  As Kindergarten teachers, we live and breath what young learners must know to succeed when they come to us ~ what they must learn and master to succeed while they are with us ~ and what they must become in order to be successful and prepared as they are bound, once again, for their next school year.

Hmmmm.... the need to share what works + a clever name thought up in the shower....

A colleague once told us that we knew exactly how to love the little ones, while at the same time cutting to the @#$% of exactly what they needed to know!  Others gently urged us to take our "low-prep, high-power", cut-the-fluff activities and our tried-and-true management tricks on the road.        Us?  OK!  Why not?

So, here we go... creating a blog to share... somewhere beyond ourselves.  It's for the little ones who are bound for YOU, the experts living fearlessly and dedicatedly on the front line of somewhere simple (cut the fluff), meaningful (exactly what they need to know), and funsical (another shower word, which reminds us to bring fun and joy to everything we do!!)!!

Meet US in our next KBound post!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

We're here!

We're here! Finally!! ...and we are so happy to begin our KBound blog adventure!!!

After a combined 50 years of experience in early elementary teaching, including 10 years of team teaching, we absolutely KNOW what hardworking, dedicated, idea-seeking teachers want and need.
KBound will deliver simple, cut-the-fluff, meaningful and hands-on activities right here!

Every idea is innovative and current, tested and proven to be successful in our own classrooms.

Printable activities are creative, FUN, and 100% original (KBound created & copyrighted for your use)!

Watch for photos, instructions, and helpful tips on these ideas and MORE:
*Tricks of the Trade = tried and true methods that we know spark learning across the curriculum
*KBound Center Model = creating and managing developmentally appropriate centers and rotations
*CCSS = linking the core curriculum to everyday activities so that it's not "one more thing"
*Behavior Management = easy, 'why-didn't-I-think-of-that?' tricks that really work
*Music Research = the power of music with brain development
*Parent Training = inviting parents into your classroom to bridge the gap between home and school

Check back here to learn about our KBound website, as well as our KBound debut on Teachers Pay Teachers...  All coming soon, along with humorous, sometimes embarrassing, behind-the-scenes stories about the creation of KBound and our beloved, teachable characters!