Monday, November 26, 2012



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                               hApPy sHoPpInG!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

KBound Projects

SO MANY KBOUND PROJECTS are now available on Teachers Pay Teachers . . . and there are many, many, many, many more on the way!!!  Cover pages (shown above) have been updated so as to allow a quick and more detailed peek at all that you are actually getting in each of your KBound packets.  As requested (we have requests!! ;) KBound Roll and Reads are now sold as sets, and include bonus activities and ideas.  Also, KBound large and small ABC Charts are now sold together instead of separately- that's because it's so difficult to use one without the other!  Check them out!!  As always, leave us comments or suggestions :) :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!



                 We are so very Thankful!
We are thankful for supportive, loving, EVERYthing family.
We are thankful for encouraging and faithful friends.
We are thankful for new and exciting opportunities.
We are thankful for the courage to dream and for good health that allows us to live the dream.  
Life is Good and we are Blessed xo

We are thankful to be able to share our very favorite, tried-and-true Thanksgiving ideas and projects!  Check out our "Thanksgiving Fun" packet on Teachers Pay Teachers!
It is 49 pages (!!!) of funsical and meaningful holiday learning! 
Below lists activities included:
Number Cards
Word Cards

Roll and Read the PATTERNS
. . . See the above projects and more on TpT!

KBound Turkey Art

This colorful, feathery, somewhat worried-looking friend was created by a Kindergarten student who used a Sharpie marker to draw it one day and then painted with water colors the next.  Brilliant!

Eve Bunting's A Turkey for Thanksgiving is one of our absolute favorite Thanksgiving stories to share with children of all ages (one of us STILL insists on reading it to her teenage children to this day... It's a Thanksgiving tradition that mom refuses let go!)!  Prediction is the name of the game for a first time audience.  Discuss empathy and point-of-view, of course.  Bring the story to life by giving these wonderful characters voice (a nice Southern drawl for Mr. Moose motivates mom's reading each year!), acting it out (no, mom does not make teenagers do this, but teacher mom has her students participate ;), and the variety of art and writing extensions is simply endless.

KBound Turkey Fun
Turkey headbands are just fun to make.  We popped this one onto a pumpkin to show it off, but it actually looks better on a child ;)
Cut a brown poster board headband.  Add feathers and a fun head. Traced and cut out hands make the perfect turkey wings!

KBound Family Project

In KBound's "Thanksgiving Fun" packet, we share an easy Family  Project! 
This sample shows dinner items that are cut out of magazines and then pasted to a paper plate and table setting.  Students enjoy sharing these with classmates.  Interesting discussions occur about foods and different family traditions! (Parent letter is included in the packet)

Thanksgiving Song & Poem
image by KBound

Turkey and Stuffing
 -author unknown
(Tune: "Frere Jacques")

Turkey and Stuffing
Turkey and Stuffing
Pumpkin Pie
Ten feet high
I was so much thinner
Before I ate my dinner                        
Me, oh my
Me, oh my

image by KBound

Pumpkin Pie
-author unknown

Pumpkin pie is yummy to eat
Around Thanksgiving
It's a treat!
But, watch yourself
You could create
A very painful tummy ache!  

                                      :) M&J :)