Saturday, February 9, 2013


KBound WELCOMES new friends! :) :)

We are CeLeBrAtInG!!!
              100 items SOLD on Teachers Pay Teachers!!!
Although creating KBound materials on TpT has been a bit on hold since we found our way into classrooms to mentor teachers these past several months, our products are still selling!  And we promise that we will be creating a closet-full of new products before too long!  We love our work!!!  Almost-daily teacher mentoring is in full gear and workshops (literacy and math) in nine counties are well underway.  We are meeting and working with amazing teachers who seem genuinely appreciative of our efforts to share our years and years of experience and our tried-and-true tips/tricks/ideas.

A BIG THANK YOU to Pat Graves at My Own Cuddly ( for creating our stuffed look-alikes to help us share our good news!  Pat can take any drawing and turn it into a cuddly friend.  These friends now travel the roads with us, helping us to share the KBound way :) :)

Powerpoint Presentation...with the help of our friends :) :)

CHEERS to the next 100 simple, meaningful, and funsical  KBound products for hardworking teachers everywhere... and the young ones they are preparing for their next big step!