Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This week we are looking back over our many years of roaming the hallways and sidewalks while on Halloween parade.  Like clockwork, with the changing of the classroom calendar from September to October each year, we would begin our traditional fall transformation.  It had become, inarguably, the highlight of the season . . . for us, anyway!  And it's details would become as guarded as any rare and precious museum gem.
Even before KBound, we were original!
What was a spooooooky month for most of the world around us was just.plain.giddy for us.
Everything else in our home and school lives was put on hold and it was a time that very few others got a peek into. . .
And, so it would go that we would top-secretively hole up in one or the other's classroom during lunchtime to plan and create, make mad runs to Hobby Lobby after long days at school, and call/text into all hours of the night like pre-occupied, little school girls who just couldn't hang on until the very next day.  It was all in an effort to ensure the BEST, most amazingly FUN costume for Halloween.  Like preparing for Thanksgiving or Christmas festivities,  sometimes the actual process of counting the days, sneaking and scrambling to get it all done, and anticipating the big day is even more enjoyable than the product! Just maybe.
At the time, we really thought all of our efforts were to entertain the children.
At the time, we kinda knew that we were out to impress our peers.
As it turns out, we really were just carving out time to BE kids again.  For one entire month we had an excuse to be silly and carefree.  When Halloween arrived, we made our grand entrance... costumes revealed.  We celebrated our joy of creativity, dress-up, and childlike wonder amidst ghoulish cries and haunting warnings of doom.  Another Halloween had come.  And already we couldn't wait to take down the next September calendar so that we could start the fun again...

SO, whether you are dressing yourself up, dressing little ones up, or enjoying others dressed up this week, take a moment to recall your own Halloween memories.  What brings out the kid in YOU?

This post is for our moms, who lovingly spent hours and hours hand-sewing costumes for us year after year after year.  THANK YOU for making us feel amazingly special and for inspiring us to grow up to enjoy making so many of our own costumes, too.  Our only regret is that neither of you had a craaaazy buddy to create them with ;) ;)
Here's one more....Quick and easy if you're still looking for a costume!
We used "Gold Slips" (pieces of gold paper passed out for good behavior-students signed their name and put into prize drawings) for building-wide behavior management.
So, OF COURSE we had to become them for Halloween!!!

HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What's in a Chart?

Our KBound ABC chart is made up of our original KBound characters.  Each one is obviously highly teachable (ex: apple starts with Aa and makes what sound?  Letters, sounds, pictures . . . the applications are endless!)!  Each one has a definite history and a unique story about it's place in KBound Land.  Each friend also brings to light a life perspective, if you will.  Now, what could one learn from an eskimo, you ask?  or a cake?  or a kite?  Surely, while our students only really need to know the teachable parts, they will enjoy each character's relatable KB Land story . . . and they will become familiar with them through KBound books, songs, charts, and a wealth of other engaging materials (on sale at or coming soon to Teachers pay Teachers).  Introduced with enthusiasm and creativity, these relatable and teachable characters come to life!

While teachers and blog readers will appreciate the teachable part of KBound's ABC chart characters as well, they will find humor in the life perspective part - that's not for the kids!  And we'll share them as we go . . . like how Queen, in her design stage, reminded us about beauty.  Oh, decisions, decisions! "Do we put lipstick on Queen?  Is that too superficial? too vain? . . . would that be in keeping with KBound's SIMPLE, cut-the-fluff ideals?"  What Queen ultimately offered us in her creation is that a little lipstick doesn't hurt any one . . . that it is not about the lipstick . . . AND that "you can't put makeup on inner beauty!" !!!  Our KBound Queen, as you will learn,  has undeniable beauty. And, if we're lucky, most of us have it both inside and out . . . lipstick 
or no lipstick ;)

So, here's a peak at KBound's ABC chart, available in both large and mini versions at Teachers pay Teachers.  They ARE the heart of all things KBound.  Both large and mini ABC charts are available in black-and-white and in color versions (shown).  All charts come with full instructions, creative ideas, and tried-and-true TIPS for classroom use (tried-and-true because we've been there, used them ;)

KBound characters will 'speak' to both you and your students . . . 
                                          We're sure of it!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Getting Organized!

Aren't we constantly looking for ways to get ORGANIZED?  
Whether we are genetically-predispositioned or NOT, everybody searches for ways to be organized. It is especially important to be neat, tidy, and organized (or at least pretend to be) when preparing to be out of the classroom.  
Whether you are away to a fun-filled, thank-goodness-for-a-day-to-sit workshop or you are *sniffle*cough*sniffle* sick, a Substitute Teacher (or Guest Teacher as we like to call them) appreciates as much organized and at-your-fingertips information as we can leave for them... located in one, "it's always this organized" spot. ;)  That way, everybody has peace of mind while the teacher is away . . . and you won't be fielding/dodging that dreaded call from the school office, or the flock of peers at your classroom door upon your return! (You know the ones who want to be the first to bring you alllll of the good news from while you were away?!)

KBound SUB TUB: Ready-to-Go materials that makes planning
 for a Guest Teacher Simple, Meaningful & Funsical for any grade level!

                          KBound SUB TUB to the rescue!!! 

      Check it out by going to

In our new SUB TUB packet you will find:
*Instructions for use
*The 3 Bees positive behavior management for Guest Teacher 
*Linking school and home - 3 Bee Tickets (master)
*Guest Teacher 3 Bee Reporting Sheet
*Desk Sign - to give Guest Teacher directions to locate sub plans
*Helpful Hints for Guest Teachers - Cover master for sub folder
*Welcome To My Classroom - Information page for sub folder
*Checksheet of suggested materials for your Helpful Hints folder
*Early Release / Emergency Dismissal Form
*Labeling your SUB TUB for easy access
So KBound friends, 
Our advice to you is to stay healthy (it is okay to take a mental health day once in awhile) . . . rest up at lots of good workshops.... and it's never too late to get organized! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bee Tickets for Behavior Management

Meet our KBound bee!
He's our original, hexagonal, behavior-refining friend!!

Buuuzzzzz on over to (search KBound)
to see all of these exclusive and original items for classroom behavior management and more:

KBound Daily Bee Tickets- KB bees help motivate students to follow classroom rules every day! Learn tips to work with parents to encourage ticket-earning!

KBound Holiday Bee Tickets- KB bees motivate students to follow classroom rules on even the most exciting days of the school year!  Trust us... we've used these and they work!!! What kiddo doesn't want to take one of these home to share at the end of the day?

KBound Oops! Tickets- Improve parent communication with these revealing KB tickets that take place of a Bee Ticket on a "tricky" (=difficulty following the rules) day!

(l to r) Sample of Daily Bee Ticket, Oops Ticket, and Halloween Bee Ticket
These and much more are available on Teachers Pay Teachers TODAY!

KBound Bees at Home- Encourage parents to catch kids being good at home, too!  Use our friendly and convenient KB bees to help parents report back to YOU about how students apply their school rules at home!  A letter of explanation to parents is included.

       Here are some freebie ideas from our classroom archives . . . Enjoy!

Students paint and display bees.
KB Bee Tickets  can be posted on the hive!
Hula Hoops make the perfect Venn Diagram!
Make bee hives by painting bubble wrap!
Painted paper grocery bags turn us into bees for story retelling!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Honor and Defend

“Haters”. We’ll only use the word once in this posting. Promise.

It was only recently, when we stepped out of our classroom comfort zone, that we encountered a non-fan.  A single non-fan. Not even a non-fan who was disgruntled about all that we stand for as KBound, but merely disillusioned by just one of the fifteen items that we’ve posted for sale on TpT.  Actually, she allowed as how she even liked part of it ... and then disliked the other part of it.  All of this still makes her a non-fan. SURE, she’s allowed her opinion.  YES, she can write her comment for all to see.  
Why do we bother giving this any attention at all when there are so many other instant-and-very-supportive KB fans, you ask? Because we’re human.  Because we are in transition.  Because we are not used to dealing with anything but sunshine, unicorns, and fairy dust?  Welcome to the real world, Girls! ;) ;)  In truth, it’s because we haven’t sold ourselves as anything other than “simple, meaningful, and funsical”.  KBound ideas and materials are indeed original, research-based, tried and true, and are alllllll about what a young learner needs. Conversely, KBound ideas and materials are not designed to cater to adult ‘curb appeal’, to be ‘showy’, or to hide behind pretentious ‘bells and whistles’.  We are proud of that!  We are SOOOO proud of that!  So, thank you #1 non-fan!  Thank you for giving us post material today.  Thank you for reminding us WHY we do what we do... and that we wouldn’t do it any differently.  While our miniMEs are suited up and prepared to defend today,  it’s all in fun.  Protect what you believe in. Have fun along the way.  That’s all there is to that! 

Peace :) :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stop the merry-go-round!

One of many well wishes! Loved them ALL!
"Stop the merry-go-round!"
   (We can't do it ALL!!!)

The KBound girls have been on some kind of a roller coaster ride these past weeks! Pulled with wide-eyed, pit-of-your-stomach excitement up, up, up . . . Then winding loop-de-loops, faces covered, through a wild corkscrew of wonder and possibilities . . .  Until finally darting down, down, down, hands-up and screaming,  head-on into the shadowy, but hopeful unknown...

On Friday October 5 the merry-go-round stopped.
And dust from the roller coaster ride has settled (a bit).

We said GOOD BYE to our kindergarten classrooms,  to 'I Can' statements, to staff meetings, and a 24/7 job (& paycheck!)  We said THANK YOU to parents, our school district, peers and our families for their support.  One step off the roller coaster and we've hit the ground running...Running toward a dream that now stretches beyond the walls of our classrooms.  Heeding the almost-badgering advice of others', "Take your show on the road", we're off!  We're off to tighten the gap on school readiness.  We're off to share our "in the trenches" expertise of 25+ years with others who are now there.  We're off to mentor, to support, and to share our love of early childhood teaching & learning.
Today we are 100% KBound!

Our vision has broadened over the years, that's for sure. It's almost as if we're seeing the world now from waaay up high ... like from the top of a ... wait for it! .... a ferris wheel?!!   Ohhhh, here we go again!!!! ;) ;)

(Next up, we have to talk about "haters".  Then it's all about cool and spooky, tried-and-true October ideas!  Come back soon because we will 100% be here!!!)

Monday, October 1, 2012