Monday, July 29, 2013

"Transitioning to Kindergarten", August'13

Happy Summertime from your friends at KBound!

We thought we'd take a break from our summer activities to let you in on some exciting news! We have just finished up our "Early Childhood Literacy" and our "Early Childhood Numeracy" trainings in nine different counties.  We've shared a lot of fun ideas these past months and have met so many fun, interesting, and appreciative participants along the way.  We appreciate you, too!!  And the good news is that we look forward to seeing you SOON because we will be headed your way again in August!!!  We'll be on the road with our 3 hour "Transitioning to Kindergarten" professional development training and we'll be revisiting each of our nine counties during the next month.  
We are so excited!! :) :)

Here's a description of KBound's August training:

Transitioning from preschool to kindergarten is an exciting, sometimes overwhelming, process! Thoughtful preparation and planning is key. Join us as we review the preschool year, summarize readiness skills needed for kindergarten, and give practical tips and realistic expectations to successfully plan and move children forward.

Please call our friends at Childcare Resources today to find out when/where you can join us.  Also, you will learn about an exciting opportunity to receive free consultation at your site, along with earning an additional credit through CCRs "Extended Learning Experiences". WOW!!!  Sign up for your exciting August training opportunities soon!  Special Note: If you are unfamiliar with CCR and the 9 counties of which we refer, then you are most likely from outside of our area ... Feel free to leave a message here or email us at  We are happy to make arrangements directly with your preschool site or early elementary staff to provide trainings of interest to you.    

Then, later this fall, watch for KBound's new 3 hour trainings all about:

***Behavior - how to be proactive in setting up your learning environment and your expectations/procedures

***Literacy/Numeracy, PART 2 - reviewing and adding more details, ideas, and make-and-take activities

Ok, we're headed back out for some more fun in the summer sun!  Get out there and enjoy it, too... Then take a break from the heat and join us in August!

See you soon :) :)

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