Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pre-K Summer Learning Activities and Ideas

CHEERS to College Visits & spreading the KBound FUN!

We recently presented to parents and teachers at a local college.  The topic was "Summertime Learning Activities" and our focus was to provide hands-on, developmentally appropriate, FUN readiness activities for keeping skills sharp during the summer months between pre-K and Kindergarten.  

While we are unable to post entire KBound presentations here (due to legal business contracts), we ARE happy to share specific pieces as you express interest in using them in your magnificent work and play with young children and their families!

The calendars below go along with a powerpoint, which highlights correlating school readiness skills.  Along with the ideas on the calendars, additional activities are presented which support teachers in both providing practice in the classroom AND in their work to encourage practical and meaningful practice at home as well. 

The goal is not one of mastery, but of exposure and practice!  

More pieces of "Summertime Learning Activities"...

Kindergarten Readiness Skills:  We've got you covered!

Encourage writing development through a variety of experiences: shaving cream,
paintbrush&water, chalk, short pencils, clipboards, journals,
books/songs/poems about letters and writing

Helping caregivers, parents, relatives to recognize times
 during a busy day to play word games, point out shapes/colors, read a story,
practice rhyming or counting, follow 2-step directions, ... 

Be sure to revisit our "Going to Kindergarten" BOOKLIST (April 2013 post) for titles and brief summaries of books to read to kiddos who are KBound! 

 Keeping skills sharp, while celebrating the joy and anticipation of this transition time, is KEY! 

M&J :) :)

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